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  • Kamigati

    Holas, Kamigati here with a test review that hopefully puts me in the FRS! May the ashura watch over me and give the strength to DESTROY......uhh, I mean make the best review I can do! ...Yeah....that's totally it.

    Anyways; today I am reviewing by Kuzonkid7, a fanon chock full of sages, rhymes, humor, action, and conspiracy (And don't think I didn't find the Pokemon ones too! Latios? Baizken ---> Blaziken? I'm onto you!). Though marred by grammar and other pitfalls, the story does keep you interested, though mostly by it's (probably) unintentional humor and strangeness.

    Now; before I actually give the scores for the review, I should list what I look for in each category. But will I?.....Well yes, of course I will.

    Story: Here I look for main…

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