Dose any one think that zuko, and azula will ever grow as brother and sisters should? will he visit her in the mental hospital. will he be the first to visit.......personally i think aang would be the first to visit, now before you shoot that down, think about it... aang will no doubt catch wind of her mental break down, and sense he's all pure hearted and just seems like he would just give it a try.their are also possibilities as to why he might go vist.i mean, he and her are spiritually related.sense he and roku are technically the same person , maby he will feel bad for his technical great granddaughter. maby he would do it as a favor to roku. just seems like something he would do, he gave zuko a 2end chance and he was gonna turn him over to ozai(witch for some reason, sounds worse than death). he was trying to give ozai a chance and oazi is a total dic that deseves to die. so what do you think will happen to her. im pertaining this mostly to azula's fans. ill be ok if you don't like her that much but don't put any stupid, and immature comments here. im mostly looking forward to long and heart filled responces. so these are my thoughts because i want her to turn out whats yours? King Kaizuh - 23:04, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

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