It was a nice day on Ember Island, and Aang decided to do some digging with Earthbending.

Outside, he made a human-sized hole in the sand, and then started digging down further.

At about 9 and a half feet down, he was stopped by something hard, large, and metal.

He dug it up, it was a metal box with glass in the front.

Connected to it was a yellow and white wire, with something white with small holes and a crack at the other end.

It had a green X in a circle on it, and below it was a round thin circle, with an opening in the middle.

It was green and said "The Burning Earth" on it.

It had the same X with a circle at the top, so Aang thought he was supposed to put it in the crack.

There were also 2 backwards V-shaped objects, with lots of colors and bumps, and each with a bump

with the X in a circle on it.

Aang jumped down, and his foot hit the arrow on the white machine. The crack extended.

It startled Aang, but he realized he hit the arrow. He touched it with his finger, and the crack went back to normal.

He brought it inside, and everyone was awake (it was early in the morning).

He put it on a desk, and his hand hit the X with a circle on one of the V-shaped things.

The glass lit up, and everyone jumped back.

Aang noticed that the X with a circle also lit up on the machine and the V-shaped object.

Aang hit the (X) on the other V-shaped object, and that lit up too.

He took the first one that lit up, and gave Katara the second one.

"I wonder what it is," Katara said.

It was now showing a screen with lots of squares.

The text that said "Home" and the square that said "Avatar: TLA: TBE" caught their eye the most.

Aang's finger hit the green bump that said "A", and it went down, to his surprise.

He took his finger off, and it popped back up.

But, a couple seconds later, the screen turned black, almost causing Aang to fall over.

Katara was in a chair, so she just leaned back.

"I think it's broken.", Zuko said.

But then, the whole screen was covered in a cliff and some text that said

"Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth".

"Nope, I guess not.", Zuko said.

Aang figured that (A) meant "Yes".

It then showed a screen the same as the first one, except Aang was standing on screen,

and it said "new game" and "load game".

"That's me!", Aang exclaimed.

"Well, I don't know what load means, so press (A), Aang.", Katara said.

Aang now figured that (B) meant "no", and he discovered some buttons in the back that stuck out.

He pressed (A) on new game, and then pressed (A) again on the save screen, since he did not know

what it did.

It went to a black screen that said "loading" on the bottom, with something white going across it.

Aang and the rest of the team soon recognized it as Momo.

About 30 seconds later, there was a white screen saying "Book 2: Earth" on it.

"I wonder what the ""Book 2"" means?" said Katara.

"I dunno." said Toph.

Just then, it switched to a scene of the classic Team Avatar on Appa.

"That's Us!" Aang, Katara, And Sokka exclaimed together.

Aang accidentally pressed (A), which ended it.

"Awww.....!" said all of them again.

It then showed Fong sending guards towards Aang and Katara.

"Not this again!" said Aang.

It said "Use left stick to move, Use X to attack".

Aang pushed the left stick forward, and to his surprise, he ran forward on screen. Katara did the same.

Aang ran up to a guard and pressed (X). He attacked them with Airbending. He was amazed.

Katara also did it, with Waterbending.

Aang and Katara went away from the guards, but just then, the bottom text changed and said

"Use (B) to use a long range attack".

Aang faced a guard and pressed (B). He threw an Airball at some guards.

Katara tried it and used a freeze attack, to her amazement.

It then said "Walk over scrolls to get a special attack".

Aang and Katara did this.

It then said, "Press LT to use a special attack".

Aang and Katara were both confused, pressing random buttons, until Aang found out it was the

left back button that stuck out.

Just then, it said "Press X X X to preform a combo attack".

They both did this, and they did 3 attacks in one.

But, just then when they were proud of themselves, Fong jumped down.

"Uh-Oh". Aang and Katara said.

They used combos and specials to fight fong.

But, when his health was low, he went into the ground and popped up somewhere else.

Aang and Katara were momentarily confused.

A few seconds later, Fong started to bend katara into the ground.

Aang pressed what it said on screen, thinking it would get Katara to break free.

But he got scared on the third button, when he went into The Avatar State.

He completed it, and he used The Avatar State to finish Fong.

Just then, it went to the save screen again. They decided to take a break.

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