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Avatar: The last Airbender: The Burning Earth - Boss Moves - Long Feng

Justme13 August 20, 2012 User blog:Justme13

Long Feng


Normal Moves


Dai Li Fists - A very common move, and can be annoying if cornered.

Long Feng will shoot 3 rock gloves at you, shaped like fists.

Rock Split - Another common attack. Long Feng will bend a cylinder-shaped rock from the ground, then split the corners off, sending them flying.

Floor Punch - Long Feng punches the floor, sending a shockwave in the direction he is facing.

Advanced Rock Split - same as above, but Long Feng will also bend the front and back of the rock.

Dai Li Grab - Rare. Be careful of this attack, it is very hard to dodge. Long Feng will bend an open rock glove from below you, and grab you with it a split second later. He will then pull it towards him, doing noticably high damage.



Long Feng will encase Jet in rock, and then attempt to shoot a powerful rock at him. If The Avatar State

is completed, he will be stopped by Aang.

Controls (Note: Only for PS2, as you need something such as CodeBreaker or Action Replay).


Combo Attack - Dai Li Fists

Ranged Attack - Dai Li Grab

Super Ranged Attack - Rock Split

Special attack - Advanced Rock Split

Floor Punch - Unpreformable, but used in the 4-hit combo with the ranged attack button.

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