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    The Legend of Korra MMORPG

    November 14, 2013 by Justme13

    I and The Air Nomad Critic (Although not participating) have decided to look for volunteers with plenty of free time to help us create a non-profit Legend Of Korra MMORPG. We will need AT LEAST 6 voice actors, 3 modelers, 4 texture artists, and 8 programmers. You may read more about this MMORPG on its forum post. If you would like to volunteer, message me. I will add your name to my list of volunteers as long as:

    1. You have not been banned from this wiki at any time before.

    2. Your Occupation is either College, A part-time job, School, or unemployed.

    3. You have some experience in what you are volunteering for.

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  • Justme13

    It was a nice day on Ember Island, and Aang decided to do some digging with Earthbending.

    Outside, he made a human-sized hole in the sand, and then started digging down further.

    At about 9 and a half feet down, he was stopped by something hard, large, and metal.

    He dug it up, it was a metal box with glass in the front.

    Connected to it was a yellow and white wire, with something white with small holes and a crack at the other end.

    It had a green X in a circle on it, and below it was a round thin circle, with an opening in the middle.

    It was green and said "The Burning Earth" on it.

    It had the same X with a circle at the top, so Aang thought he was supposed to put it in the crack.

    There were also 2 backwards V-shaped objects, with lots of colors and…

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  • Justme13

    Sorry, i meant to put this in the last post.


    How to fight Long Feng


    Stay on the offense. Long Feng can not move while he is being hit.

    If you have a special attack, use it. It will knock him down for long enough for

    Aang to charge a super ranged attack.

    Watch out for the Dai Li Grab, and if he uses it, roll as soon as you hit him.

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  • Justme13

    Long Feng


    Normal Moves


    Dai Li Fists - A very common move, and can be annoying if cornered.

    Long Feng will shoot 3 rock gloves at you, shaped like fists.

    Rock Split - Another common attack. Long Feng will bend a cylinder-shaped rock from the ground, then split the corners off, sending them flying.

    Floor Punch - Long Feng punches the floor, sending a shockwave in the direction he is facing.

    Advanced Rock Split - same as above, but Long Feng will also bend the front and back of the rock.

    Dai Li Grab - Rare. Be careful of this attack, it is very hard to dodge. Long Feng will bend an open rock glove from below you, and grab you with it a split second later…

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