Hey guys, well I've gotten some word of advice on here on how to spread news on my fanon, and this is my best option, lol. Anyway, I have a fanon that I've had out for quite a while. I started it, paused, and then started back up again and plan on releasing another chapter today. It's called Avatar: Restart and I'd really, really love for you guys to check it out, because I need opinions and I just want to keep others entertained.

It's pretty much a story about three firebenders that plan on restarting The War that team avatar put an end to, basically. But they aren't going to do it alone, they plan on forming an organization. But their plan on how their going to make this happen, however, is unknown. Word quickly got out and Lord Zuko was notified about it. Since Zuko is now fire lord, things are more hectic for him and he has too many things to worry about, not to mention the other Team Avatar members. Lord Zuko sends out a letter to all the four nations and their leaders. They all then select members from their nations and bring them together to put an end to it.

(That description was pretty suckish, but I hope you guys check it out. Enjoy!)

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