You're all probably wondering why I haven't been posting chapters around the place for my fanon. Well, unfortunately, the holiday season has proven to be quite busy, what with organising family holidays, music festivals with friends, working extra hours to afford aforementioned festival, and then trying to see as much of friends before afore-aforementioned family holiday. There just hasn't been much time write.

Also, the lack of university (and maybe the increasingly hot weather) has made me sluggish. When there was uni work to be done, there was something to procastinate over, which led me to write my story. When uni was on, I'd get up early, do some exercise, and get on with my day, coming home, probably with some homework, and sitting down to write (It's a mystery how I managed to pass this semester with somewhat flying colours!). 

Also, worth mentioning, is the fact that I have started a new project completely un-Avatar related. It sounds unreasonably ambitious and misguided to say that one day I hope this new project gets on the small screen, but I say it anyway. I believe it has potential, I just don't know how to get it out there - so that has taken up my time too.

Avatar: Neo Revolution isn't inactive, it's just less active than before. :)

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