Yeah, so I saw that Kyoshidude did a preview for his fanon ages ago and it just seemed so fun and fancy free. So I'll do one for my fanon: Avatar: Neo Revolution.


Mysterious music, like the one form the first ever A:Lok trailer plays

Voiceover (VO) of male voice (similar to Roku's in A:TLA's previouslys):

After Aang and the Hundred Year War, - shot of Aang energybending Ozai; battleships crashing into each other.

after Korra and the Equalist Revolution, - shot of biplanes zooming through Republic city, Korra returning Lin's bending.

the world was ushered into a new era of peace and prosperity. - shots of citizens walking through Republic city happily and a Satomobile driving through the grassy countryside towards a small city.

Technology reigned supreme - trains rush along next to that car and a plane flies overhead.

and, as the Avatar's came and went, - Shrouded by mist, an elderly Korra's eyes glow - Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk and Yangchen appearing behind her; Ji Bao and Kaen appearing infront of her, all of their eyes glowing.

the world lost touch with all that once remained dear to it. - shot of a shrine being demoslished to make way for contruction. Republic city growing, Heavan's crown silhouetted by the setting sun.

New enemies, powerful and bent on destroying the Avatar, lurked in the shadows. - Avatar Lyn ducks as an Inducer flies past her head, the audience screaming in fear. Shot of a blimp bellowing smoke and fire, with Lyn in the foreground.

When Avatar Lyn's time was up, - shot of Lyn falling through the sky.

a waterbender was set to succeed her - the full moon hangs in the sky, then fades to white.

The white fades to reveal the rolling hills and Redwall Orphanage. Inspirational music like that of the start of Pokemon plays.

Meet Dover, Dover runs up to Miko, a squirrel-glider, and enthusiastically asks, "Is that... Is that a squirrel-glider?"

and Sedgley. Sedgley, in front of Dover, Erik and Anurna, brushes off his shoulder then says, "Here, let me show you how to talk to girls."

One of them is the Avatar, they just don't know which. Shots of Dover firing a barage of streams of water at Diego and Sedgley freezing a security guard.

Shot of a glowing white spirit whispering into Mother Leliita's ear. VOICEOVER (Mother Leliita): "I know... one of you is.." She is sitting in her bed continuing to talk, "... indeed the Avatar."

Dover, Sedgley and Erik look at each other in shock. Fades to white yet again.

Now, as a journey spreads out before them, - Fades from white to a shot of Dover, Sedgley and Erik riding their Ostrich horses down a steep mountain

Dover and Sedgley,  - close up of those two on their steeds, looking cold as they continue downhil

along with their friends, Erik, - Shot of Erik trying to grab his staff from behind him but failing, then another shot of him leaning over and falling into the dirt, yelling "Aah!"

Anurna, - shot of Anurna nimbly injecting some flames into a policeman's gun, then a shot of her speaking to Dover and Sedgley, looking mysterious, "The name's Anurna."

and Miko, shot of Miko flying magnificently overhead, then another of him hunched over and nibbling on some nuts

must travel to Haven to seek help from the world's most powerful city. Shot of Haven standing alone among the Wasteland, then shots flying through the skyscrapers. VOICEOVER (Anurna): "You haven't lived until you've been to Haven."

Tune in as a whole new Team Avatar face danger, McKay fires off an expanse of flames. A Molipede screeches and a cave collapses, Sedgley yelling, "Run!"

romance, slow motion of Aine flicking her blonde hair, VOICEOVER (Dover): "She's beautiful..."

and an exciting new world full of secrets and wonder, Shot of a four-wheel drive driving through the Wasteland, a shot of Maderia sitting amongst the trees, a shot of a tribe of nomads wandering through the desert.

Chin: "Do you need to pee again?"

in, Avatar: Neo Revolution.

Shot of Dover, Sedgley, Erik, Anurna and Miko looking out over a cliff in wonder, Erik looking nervous.

Chin: "I think that might've been taken care of...

Cut to black.

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