Okaaaaaaaaaaay, so, apparently I'm writing a second blog now. What? 

I know, I'm just as confused.

So, unlike my first blog which, c'mon guys, was AMAZANG (Archer fans, anyone, anyone?), this one will be more focused on the future. Instead of wallowing in my own self-pity and being destitute of hope like before, I'm more likely to talk about why I'm excited for the future of my fanon (Avatar: Neo Revolution).

Basically, this country bumpkin (not actually from country, but Australia, so, yeah mate, kangas everywhere) is jetting off to Japan in a month... and 3 days. I'll be spending two weeks with my friends and brother and a week by myself in this beautiful country. In fact Kyoshidude and I have arranged to meet up in Tokyo! I know!

So, what I'm hoping is that while there - while immersed in the bustling, futuristic metropolis of Tokyo (check), while entranced by the lanterns and floats of the biggest festival in Kyoto (check), while staying in an actual shinto temple with actual monks (check) - I will, not only have the best time of my life on my first overseas trip, gather the inspiration I so need to pick up the pace of my fanon!

So keep an eye out guys, because jtwin1's in an empire state of mind!


Not the empire state... But um, you know...

Everything's coming up Milhouse. Or it WILL be... Maybe.

Ok, I'm done.

Also the release of Korra season 2 should do something to tickle my fancy.

Thanks for accidentally stumbling upon this!


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