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    Why no activity, jtwin1?

    December 16, 2013 by Jtwin1

    You're all probably wondering why I haven't been posting chapters around the place for my fanon. Well, unfortunately, the holiday season has proven to be quite busy, what with organising family holidays, music festivals with friends, working extra hours to afford aforementioned festival, and then trying to see as much of friends before afore-aforementioned family holiday. There just hasn't been much time write.

    Also, the lack of university (and maybe the increasingly hot weather) has made me sluggish. When there was uni work to be done, there was something to procastinate over, which led me to write my story. When uni was on, I'd get up early, do some exercise, and get on with my day, coming home, probably with some homework, and sitting do…

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    Yeah, so I saw that Kyoshidude did a preview for his fanon ages ago and it just seemed so fun and fancy free. So I'll do one for my fanon: Avatar: Neo Revolution.


    Mysterious music, like the one form the first ever A:Lok trailer plays

    Voiceover (VO) of male voice (similar to Roku's in A:TLA's previouslys):

    After Aang and the Hundred Year War, - shot of Aang energybending Ozai; battleships crashing into each other.

    after Korra and the Equalist Revolution, - shot of biplanes zooming through Republic city, Korra returning Lin's bending.

    the world was ushered into a new era of peace and prosperity. - shots of citizens walking through Republic city happily…

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    Okaaaaaaaaaaay, so, apparently I'm writing a second blog now. What? 

    I know, I'm just as confused.

    So, unlike my first blog which, c'mon guys, was AMAZANG (Archer fans, anyone, anyone?), this one will be more focused on the future. Instead of wallowing in my own self-pity and being destitute of hope like before, I'm more likely to talk about why I'm excited for the future of my fanon ().

    Basically, this country bumpkin (not actually from country, but Australia, so, yeah mate, kangas everywhere) is jetting off to Japan in a month... and 3 days. I'll be spending two weeks with my friends and brother and a week by myself in this beautiful country. In fact Kyoshidude and I have arranged to meet up in Tokyo! I know!

    So, what I'm hoping is that whil…

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    Ok, so, seeing as I - ME! - this guy you've never even heard of! - am writing a BLOG I must either be unfathomably bored, procrastinating or both, or both and some other groovy things that culminate in a soggy, poorly-worded bitch about the self-fulfilling prophecy (or whatever, philosophists, lend your hands) about inconsistency, inactivity either/and/or both? (archer fans, unite) among the fanon portal - or at least mine.

    GOD that was a long sentence.


    RIGHTEO, all you fanonbenders/famous fanon writers with 'I-excelled-,-why-can't-you-?' hats on, take those off and put on the little, modest hat that you wore in your humble beginnings as celebrity-to-bes.

    Only now, that's right - ONLY RIGHT NOW - have I realised that, in order for this blog …

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