So, “Korrasami” is officially canon as of whenever. (I don’t remember the date) Here are the facts/my opinion on why it’s not necessarily stupid, but just a weird thing in general. If you look at the original series/continuation comics-which I haven’t read, you’ll see a pattern: All romances are story-driven in one way or another. Take “Kataang” (Katara and Aang) for example. This is a classic “Instant Crush” situation. Aang immediately falls for Katara. They later go on to build a healthy relationship lasting up until Aang’s death somewhere in the year 153 AG. In L.O.K, Katara is still alive and still loves Aang deeply. This-in my opinion-is one of the healthiest cartoon relationships ever. Other canon ships like “Maiko” (Zuko and Mai), “Sukka” (Soka and Suki), and even “Bopal” (Bolin and Opal) and “Jinkai” (Jinora and Kai) from L.O.K have story-developed romance.

With “Korrasami,” it was kinda just... put there. Let me explain this. Neither Korra nor Asami showed bisexual/lesbian tendencies throughout the show. So, it was very confusing when they did the holding-hands-while-going-into-the-spirit-world thing. I’m not dissing the LGBT community when I say that. I realize that a lot of people can live their whole lives and never “come out of the closet” for lack of a better term, but this is a children’s fantasy anime. All rules are pretty much thrown out the window and into a trash compactor. So, you would expect some sort of... something between them in the show, right? WRONG! They only said that Korrasami was canon after the series ended. Not only that, but the creators themselves said that they wanted Korra and Asami to remain “Strong friends.”

I realize that fans went through the series again, trying to figure out if there was anything between them in the show. There wasn’t. For example: The time when Korra wrote Asami first instead of Bolin/Mako. This can be seen as a hint at their relationship. But like I said before... Strong Friends. Not girlfriends. Think about it. If you’re best friends with somebody out of your group of friends, you write them first when your away. It’s just common friend logic. Also, the ending scene didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t as much of a landmark ending as ATLA. No big goal was really accomplished. I mean, defeating Zahear (can’t spell) was something; but that’s it. Then, out of all the things that Korra/Asami could do... they take a vacation?! Korra... are you done being the Avatar? NO, you’re not. There will always be a new threat. What if everybody dies while you and Asami are making out on the beach or whatever? Yeah... better rethink that vacay. This brings me to my second point: Why their relationship is a good thing.

The LGBT community feels like they need more representation in society. (Which is kinda true.) But, they already have shows like Steven Universe, Legends of Tomorrow; and every single Yaoi/Yuri anime in existence. (Bear in mind that this is coming from a strait teenage guy who’s first crush was a bisexual classmate. I’m also a “Septiplier” shipper, so there!) However, do ya’ll really need LGBT people in a kid’s show meant to convey problems like Xenophobia and Terrorism in a calmer light? But, “Korrasami” could be a good thing. It could show that even in the sexually depressing 20’s/30’s, (which is when the show takes place in real time-which would make Kuvira the female version of Hitler) there is/was hope for homosexuals. Keep this in mind: the 20’s was a time in which there was more sexism then there is today, and women were fighting for equal right. So, you can imagine how not only Mako, but all the others would react to see Kora and Asami together. Hope and Rejection smorgasbord’d together. Turmoil, here we come! And now my final point: Why the creators could’ve done better.

I guess my real beef is with Asami. She doesn’t seem like a good fit for Korra. Think back again to Aang and Katara. Aang was wise beyond his years and Katara was headstrong and had a terrible past. Aang’s wisdom helped Katara get past her Mother’s death. Mainly with the quote: “It’s easy to do nothing, but it’s hard to forgive.” In return, Katara helped Aang find his way through the 100 years he had missed. I think this is one of the reasons why they complete each other, and why they are such a cute couple. With Korra, it’s way different. Korra is stubborn in an annoying way. What is viewed as “spunk” when she was young would later turn into arrogance and stubbornness. And Asami only encourages that behavior! Even after all Tenzin taught her, she’s still the same. Even though her trials gave her perspective and some wisdom, it doesn’t negate her arrogance and stubbornness. If the creators planned on making her bisexual, (which they didn’t) they could’ve at least put another character in there. Korra needs someone who completes her. Someone who likes her the way she is, but notices the flaws -and how others react to them- and tries to find the best solution for all of them.