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    So, “Korrasami” is officially canon as of whenever. (I don’t remember the date) Here are the facts/my opinion on why it’s not necessarily stupid, but just a weird thing in general. If you look at the original series/continuation comics-which I haven’t read, you’ll see a pattern: All romances are story-driven in one way or another. Take “Kataang” (Katara and Aang) for example. This is a classic “Instant Crush” situation. Aang immediately falls for Katara. They later go on to build a healthy relationship lasting up until Aang’s death somewhere in the year 153 AG. In L.O.K, Katara is still alive and still loves Aang deeply. This-in my opinion-is one of the healthiest cartoon relationships ever. Other canon ships like “Maiko” (Zuko and Mai), “…

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