So I think we will all agree that there have been both positive and negative reviews about The Last Airbender. Perhaps more loudly in Avatar fan communities, I hear a lot of criticism of the movie. Ironically, I still haven't gone to see the movie, but am very interested to see how what you guys honestly thought of it. Please share your thoughts about TLA.

If you want to let everyone know here in the Avatar community your thoughts about the movie, I invite you to create your own review of the movie so you can share your thoughts. What was good, what was bad, how it could be improved, what made it epic, or whatever you thought about the movie. I'm excited to be able to read reviews by readers of our site :)

Alternatively if you're too lazy to share all your thoughts, you can give a brief review as a comment to this post. Please go and write a review though if it gets long.

Add [[Category:TLA Review]] to the bottom of your review to have it added to our list of user reviews of the movie here.

Do you the the two planned sequels will go on?
Would you change the current actors?
Do you think M. Night Shyamalan did a good job?
Share your thoughts!

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