If you've tried to create a new article recently, you've probably noticed one of the warning messages I've set up to ensure articles are placed in the correct namespace (also known as hub). We have a very neat and organized article system here with our hubs as I shall call them: series, movie, and fanon articles are separated from one another and get separate skins. As I'm sure a lot of you are tired of moving so many new fanon articles to the the fanon: namespace, I think this will work as a decent long-term solution.

File:Avatar notice.jpg

There are two messages, the one pictured on the right when you attempt to create an article in the mainspace by editing a redlink (example), and the one at Special:CreatePage which is linked from the sidebar. Try viewing each for yourself! Hopefully this will teach many contributors about our system and allow them to get it right for themselves.

However, I find it important that I remind everyone that we invite you to create a new page here and expand our database. Don't be scared by the quality of other pages, with some love any new page can be as great as our best page. Give it a shot and some other editors will likely join in; it's a collaborative effort.

If you have any feedback/questions about this, please post a comment below. Cheers,

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