Hello everybody! You may have noticed within the past week or so that the Fanon skin had been missing parts which caused big holes in the skin, well I'm happy to say this is now fixed. The entire thing was actually my fault -- I accept that, and I have ensured that it won't happen again. Here's the rundown:

  • Our skin was calling upon the file paths of the old avatartest wiki we used when we first developed the skin
    • This wiki has remained just sitting there for months, until just a week ago I requested for it to be closed.
  • Once it was closed, all of the content was deleted (well, it gets rather complex how it's handled, but it was removed from the internet)
  • Once our skin noticed something it called on was serving back a 404, it started not showing anything where the components were supposed to be (the banner)
  • Since I'm not a particular reader of fanon, I didn't notice until yesterday while I was giving someone a link to help them understand namespaces, and used a fanon article as an example.
That's basically what happened. Today, I managed to get a favor from the uberSanta and ninja them back, so we should be good to go! I've uploaded them directly to our wiki, as well as all the other images called upon from our fanon skin so that this won't happen again.

In the future, if there are ever any problems like this again, I plead that you please contact one of the administrators so that it can be passed around and checked. If there are any questions or problem, they can go on this blog or on my talk page.

Happy editing, and sorry for any inconvenience!


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