*Yawn*, our wiki is quite old, but recently (since this year) we have decided to renew it and its youth once more. What does this mean?

  • We made 3 new administrators (Energybender, me, and The 888th Avatar)
  • We've created A-class articles
  • We've redesigned our skin thanks to Thailog, SuperFlash101, and others
  • We've redesigned our mainpage, categories, templates and overall quality
  • Articles have gained more content and have become more abundant
  • Users seem friendlier and more welcoming
  • New policies have been created
  • New RfA system, new FA system, new protection policy, and even a defined statement of what admins are was created
  • We have been getting an abnormally high amount of traffic even though little has been happening regarding our topic
  • Page lengths have been shortened
  • Blogs introduced
  • Newspaper introduced
  • Irc channel was created and used a lot
  • Bots have been used to do all our welcoming

  • We're considering making new 'crats
  • We're considering desysoping/debureaucrating inactive users
  • We're making a system for users to arbitrate problems
  • Possibly a license change may be introduced

For the first half of this year, we sure did do a lot, and are continuing with that. But, this leaves us with some hard question. To the community, I ask you this (feel free to comment your responses)

  • Who should be desysoped?
  • Should we dare remove Howabout1's powers?
  • Who would you nominate/vote for as a bureaucrat?
  • Do you have a need/want for a council to arbitrate problems?
  • Do you use/plan to use our IRC channel? And would you be interested in doing so for private matters?
  • What's your view on recent growth of the wiki?
  • What is your feedback on the skin and main page changes? Is there anything you'd add/change?
  • Do you think our new policies will help?
  • What are your opinions on some of the older users (Zero and felinoel) deciding to leave/become less active?
  • Do you like where this wiki is headed?
As I think about it, we've changed a lot, and that's why I am looking forward to seeing everyone's opinion.

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