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Hey all!

I just wanted to spend a few minutes going over some of the changes on our site related to Facebook. Facebook connect, the tool that lets anyone create an account here or link their Facebook account with their Avatar Wiki one, has been enabled here for about a month now. And from looking at the newusers log it appears many people are taking advantage of it! This really has shown me that a lot of our users and readers have Facebook, so I want to let all of you know about our Facebook page (and Twitter account too!) and suggest you 'like' our page to get the latest update on Avatar news and our site news (or follow us by clicking the Twitter logo on the right, if you've got the Twitter bug).

We're going to our best to bring this page back to life, as it's much overdue. Lets hope we don't disappoint :)

You can use the box on the right to like our page and get the latest Avatar Wiki news personally on your wall. Please tell your friends and lets see how many 'likes' we can get!

Thank you all, for all your wonderful contributions to our database. Happy editing, Avatar Wikians!

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