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Congratulations to Kaizuh, Carlos1996, Water Spout, and Hiroakira Fengxian who have been awarded unique limited time badges!

Hey Avatar fanatics!

With the release of Avatar: Legend of Korra approaching, we were wondering "What do you guys want to see in the new series?"

The 4 fans with the most interesting or best thought out post will each be awarded one of 4 limited time badges (either Fire Lord, Earth King, Head Monk, or Chief of The Water Tribe) worth 250 points! Entry closes on Saturday, December 11 at 4 PM PST. All posts will then be reviewed and the winner chosen the next day.

If you get stuck or need to catch up about the latest Korra news, you can find anything you'll want to know at the Avatar: Legend of Korra article.

You must have an account and be logged in order to win.


  1. Create an account or log in
  2. Post what you want to see in Avatar: The Legend of Korra below
  3. Check back on December 11 when we announce the winners
Good luck!

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