• Joeyaa

    Please check back to find our latest contest.
    Congratulations to Kaizuh, Carlos1996, Water Spout, and Hiroakira Fengxian who have been awarded unique limited time badges!

    Hey Avatar fanatics!

    With the release of Avatar: Legend of Korra approaching, we were wondering "What do you guys want to see in the new series?"

    The 4 fans with the most interesting or best thought out post will each be awarded one of 4 limited time badges (either Fire Lord, Earth King, Head Monk, or Chief of The Water Tribe) worth 250 points! Entry closes on Saturday, December 11 at 4 PM PST. All posts will then be reviewed and the winner chosen the next day.

    If you get stuck or need to catch up about the latest Korra news, you can find anything you'll want to …

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  • Joeyaa

    So I think we will all agree that there have been both positive and negative reviews about The Last Airbender. Perhaps more loudly in Avatar fan communities, I hear a lot of criticism of the movie. Ironically, I still haven't gone to see the movie, but am very interested to see how what you guys honestly thought of it. Please share your thoughts about TLA.

    If you want to let everyone know here in the Avatar community your thoughts about the movie, I invite you to create your own review of the movie so you can share your thoughts. What was good, what was bad, how it could be improved, what made it epic, or whatever you thought about the movie. I'm excited to be able to read reviews by readers of our site :)

    Alternatively if you're too lazy to …

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  • Joeyaa

    New fanon warnings

    July 13, 2010 by Joeyaa

    If you've tried to create a new article recently, you've probably noticed one of the warning messages I've set up to ensure articles are placed in the correct namespace (also known as hub). We have a very neat and organized article system here with our hubs as I shall call them: series, movie, and fanon articles are separated from one another and get separate skins. As I'm sure a lot of you are tired of moving so many new fanon articles to the the fanon: namespace, I think this will work as a decent long-term solution.

    There are two messages, the one pictured on the right when you attempt to create an article in the mainspace by editing a redlink (example), and the one at Special:CreatePage which is linked from the sidebar. Try viewing each f…

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  • Joeyaa

    Avatar Wiki on Facebook

    July 12, 2010 by Joeyaa
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  • Joeyaa

    Article comments are up

    June 29, 2010 by Joeyaa

    Just a heads up that article comments have been enabled here, on the main, fanon, and film namespaces. Feel free to post small comments there, however, please remember discussions should be kept on talk pages.

    Inappropriate comments can be deleted by either an administrator or a fanon admin. if you see something that should be removed, please contact one or use the admin report forum on our forums.

    Also, I just wanted to let everyone know that a spotlight for us has gone up. It looks great!

    Oh and TLA comes out in a few days. Happy Editing,

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