Now, I am being honest here, and in my opinion this movie SUCKED in so many ways.

The WHOLE entire show characters, and I mean EVERYONE was pure Asian. The Waterbenders and Airbenders were Caucasion. And since they decided that Dev Patel was going to be Zuko, then ALL firebenders should be Indian. (Just on a side note, I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but I am an Asian, and kinda offened that we aren't good enough.) Speaking of Zuko, Dev Patel didn't even LOOK like Zuko. Nope. Not even have a cool, sexy (haha) ponytail.

They mispronounced Aang's, Sokka's, and Iroh's name correctly. The M. Night says he's trying to make it sound the "Chinese" or whatever way, but it is the worse idea to mispronounce main character's names.

The costumes were terrible. Period.

It was SOKKA'S idea to help those earth villages. He was usually the one to go AGAINST it. Oh, and the earth nation never really happened in those situations, only like once or twice in Book One.

All the bending was slow, bad, terrible special effects. The "waterbending" "Katara" and "Aang" did in the movie took too long; cartoon Azula could've shot them with her LIGHTNING in a second.

They didn't bother to mention Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors, Jet and the Freedom Fighters, Haru, June and her mole, and the Mechanist and his son. Or bring in the pirates, the Fortuneteller, and other people who were only in one/two episode. Those characters become really important later on, so then how will they bring them in?

Usually, when a movie is based off of something, like a book, then they would use DIALOUGE from that something. This movie didn't do that at all. In fact, they used totally different words that sound stupid.

The firebenders can only control already made fire, not make it themselves, beside Iroh (which looked stupid.)

Aang never had flashbacks about going to school and having a "teacher" (MONK GYATSO DOESN'T COUNT THAT IS DIFFERENT.)

When Katara and Sokka found Aang, they were SUPPOSED to be fishing, not hunting badly. Also Aang just woke up in their house, shirtless. There was a LOT more people in the Southern Water Tribe than there was supposed to be, like more elderly.

Those special affects sucked, and they had like a YEAR to work on them.

Twilight and Harry Potter could fit everything into about a few hours, and The Last Airbender can't.

The actors acted TERRIBLE. And everyone who played their character look NOTHING like them (besides Aang, but that's the closest.) The fire nation is supposed to be pale, not dark like Dev Patel.

What up with Ozai??? You're not supposed to show his face until the invasion, DUH!

It seems like M. Night Shyamalan didn't watch the series to understand what it's like, only researched it by not watching the original series, but reading websites about the main and supporting information.

If you've watched one of the last episode before Sozin's Comet, it is the Ember Island Players. Even though it is animated, the Ember Island Players may have been acting bad, but they had their facts straight (mostly,) good props, and ACTORS THAT LOOKED LIKE THEM.

Everyone rated it bad. This movie needs to be remade, like NOW.

Just go on YouTube and see FANMADE reviews such as AngryJoeShow and the one by ifyouseekYAYME.

But the only good thing is that:

Yue is portrayed VERY GOOD

The settings were pretty, but super fake greenscreens.

Well, rememeber these are MY opinions and reasons why I have it so, don't hate me or anything.

Okay, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, byee!!!

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