• Joanna Nguyen

    Now, I am being honest here, and in my opinion this movie SUCKED in so many ways.

    The WHOLE entire show characters, and I mean EVERYONE was pure Asian. The Waterbenders and Airbenders were Caucasion. And since they decided that Dev Patel was going to be Zuko, then ALL firebenders should be Indian. (Just on a side note, I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but I am an Asian, and kinda offened that we aren't good enough.) Speaking of Zuko, Dev Patel didn't even LOOK like Zuko. Nope. Not even have a cool, sexy (haha) ponytail.

    They mispronounced Aang's, Sokka's, and Iroh's name correctly. The M. Night says he's trying to make it sound the "Chinese" or whatever way, but it is the worse idea to mispronounce main character's names.

    The costumes w…

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