Strong Theory

  • Amon has something related with Yakone
  • Among the flash, we saw Sokka, Toph, Aang, even King Kuei. Those are important figures of Republic City, I aware that it might flashing deceased people, but because it sounds more like fanservice, so I want to think that it was flash of what's happening 42 years ago that effects current issues. It involved Sokka, Aang, Toph, King Kuei, ... but where's Zuko? I understand if Katara didn't appears in flash, she might be busy taking care of children in South Water Tribe. But Zuko usualy plays the same important role as Aang. And judging for the episodes title and some rumor I heard from Dante Basco in 2010, I want to conclude that Zuko is the key to learn about Amon.
  • Aang defeat Yakone
  • Yakone is not Bumi (Aang's son)


  • Korra will search for Zuko
  • Zuko killed Amon's parents when he was boy
  • Amon seek revenge and challenge Zuko, Zuko burn Amon's face
  • Yakone is Amon's father/teacher

Intuition Talk

  • First time Korra meet Zuko is in South Water Tribe
  • Katara know where Zuko is
  • Asami is equalist, but we will witness another "I love Zuko more that I fear you."
  • There will be no Borra
  • End game is Makorra
  • Masami will last for 3-4 episodes
  • Tarrlok will reap what he sow


  • What is Yakone's motive?
  • How the conflict ends?

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