• This Tarrlok guy has something related to Amon. Wether he’s Amon, or he KNEW Amon.
  • After seeing blood bending without full moon, I have a little theory about Tarrlok. He knew Amon personally, but he’s not walking the same path as Amon. Probably brothers or siblings or someone close. Currently, I conclude that Tarrlok is not the bad guy. He’s the anti-hero.
  • Yakone is blood bender too.
  • Based on flashbacks occurances, Yakone has lineage with Tarrlok and Amon.
  • Yakone is a blood bender, technically made him a waterbender. Amon is probably of water tribe’s descendant.
  • Theory I can come up so far requires a condition where Yakone is the father of Amon and Tarrlok. Here’s the theory : Tarrlok and Amon are brothers. Amon rebel his father because probably he was abused as child by blood bending. Among the family, he’s the only one who can’t bend elements. This caused jealousy and discrimination. He hates benders and wanting equalization. Tarrlok knew since the beginning and fight his brother, probably to show him who's the best.
  • Why I believe that Tarrlok is not our bad guy? Actually that’s depends on his reason to not blood bend Korra from the begining. My brain wants to believe that Tarrlok wants to avoid using his ability for a good reason.
  • The other theory about Tarrlok is not our bad guy will be : Tarrlok were ashamed of his ability. And because Korra knew he can blood bend, he wants Korra to “shut up”. But instead of killing her, he drive her out of town. He still not that bad guy despite his jerkass attitude. Because he doesn't seems to proud of his ability.
  • If you like comparison, Tarrlok is our “Zuko” with “Azula” prodigy.

Yakone, Amon, Tarrlok

  • other probability will be : Yakone is Amon. Aang taking away his bending. In this case, Amon's age will be around 70-80. Badass old man
  • Because of age gap, Tarrlok cannot be Yakone.
  • and I have this hunch saying that Tarrlok is not Amon.


I've comes up with a new theory about this.

Now that I think over about Tarrlok, about how manipulative he can be, he probably has something behind the scene with Amon. As we know, the council members were actually consists of two people : Tarrlok and Tenzin. Because the others just bench warmers to approving Tarrlok's descissions without any argumentations. Even chief Saikhan were under his control immediately. This guy control and manipulate everyone, and what about delivering all of Amon's case directly to him?

conclusion :

  • Tarrlok as anti-hero : he has nothing to do with Amon, but Amon reminds him of someone he couldn't get over with. But Aang always reached out to Korra everytime she meet trouble with Tarrlok and Amon. The two of them must have a link (Yakone)
  • Tarrlok as enemy : he's working to Amon.
  • Tarrlok as enemy : Amon is working for him. Some leader tries to control his people by using terror. In this case, when the people live in fear, they will have nothing to do other than following orders.

Update 2

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