Zuki. I think, this will be a great twist. At first, I would think that Mai will be come back, and Suki just being Suki, with her genuinity and caring to the other people. I heard that she even shown pity to Ozai after his bending had taken away.

Because of being nerd too much about this and the fear of being too subjective and perceptive, I ask my friend (which is unfamiliar with ATLA) to see what she think about Suki's body language, I even explain her about Suki and Zuko's background where they were enemies and Zuko was once burn her village down. I even beg my friend if I was wrong about those two, she just tell me what she really thinks about that. And ... she approve Zuki. It's not just about friendship-concerning, she thinks that Suki also show devotion and especially when Suki used the words "I'm" inspite she is a warrior. There's something sensitive from Suki's gesture to Zuko.

Judging by the issues about The Promise, we also know that the biggest idea of this story arc actually is the conflict between Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Yu Dao, the colonies, the war between King Kuei and Lord Zuko, mixed culture, etc. Everything's presents as if FireNationXEarthKingdom become very popular now. It is possible that this story will ended with the biggest unification of Fire and Earth with the Fire Lord marrying Earth Kingdom warrior lady with blue eyes (did she has water tribe descendant or something?). Which means if Zuko married with Suki and she give birth to Zuko's daughter, it could means that the next Fire Lord has Earth Kingdom's descendant too. (What a canon bending) Perhaps one day in the future, Fire Nation will have a Fire Lord that bending Earth!! (Now that I mentioned it, in case Zuko really like Suki, I began to understand how heavy it is to be a Fire Lord)

But if I shall put on measure about the chance of this pair to be endgame where Suki turns out to be the next Fire Lady, I think it's 49%. Because as we know ...

  1. Mai always comes back (although she never said goodbye before)
  2. If Gene decided to break the ATLA canon, he's making a huge change in ATLA.

But I also have some points against it :

  1. Based on interviews I've read about Gene Yang and Bryke about The Promise, I conclude that he write this story under the supervision/monitoring from Bryke. He has freedom to make some creativities, free to develop the plot, but under the "avatar universe and history's rule". If he decide to bend the canon, than this canon bending must meet approval from Bryke.
  2. He seems to be very proud everytime he said something like ... "Aang and Katara are already fixed. But the others are flexible."

I currently heard rumor that Bryke actualy love the idea of Zuki/Zusuki pair. Although it's been a very good news, (since I was jump from Zutara ship to Zusuki now) I still put on my sceptical mind on it...until I have the article/video (prove) about the statement.

Because if it's true, then .... "I love Zuko more than I fear you" {C will become the sweetest memory from the canon that just don't happen anymore.

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