Hello Avatar fans. My fanon The War After might start again. Please tell me any mistakes in this so I might be able to re-make it up to fanon standerds.


This is my first offical fanon so I appoligize if it is amateur in choice of words or other things like titles. The War after talks about after the war. I will make a boyfriend for Toph, have Zuko find Ursa and find out what happened to her. I will try to make The War after as long as possible.


These will be set AFTER the war so I will exclude Water, Earth, and Fire.

Book 1: Air

Book 1: Air will be about the rising of the Airbenders how about five boys and girl Airbenders escaped along with two bison Gotso one of Appa's brothers and Yen one of Appa's cousins. It should have about 15 chapters when it is complete maybe more. I will explain the first few chapters below.

The Kiss

This chapter explains what happens right after you last saw the gang in Sozins Comet: Avatar Aang.

The Wedding

This chapter explains about Gran Gran and Pakku's wedding along with Sokka meeting a long lost relative.

Book 2: Secret nations

Secret Nations will explain two more nations living in hiding. More information will come when released.

Book 3: Energy

More information will come when released.

Book 4: Life

More information will come when released.

You can suggest book names in comments I will give you credit for the name.

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