This is starting tomarrow at noon and will be on until Saturday at Noon. The results will be posted on Sunday.

Sponsered by...

AquaHope's nomination for User of The Month!

Alright then here are the...


  • This is going to be a mixture of canon, and fanon.
  • No rudeness, or cheating.
  • Have fun.
  • We MAY try to trick you.

Contest Part 1

I'll ask some questions and you guys reply to them.

F=Forward S=Stop

  1. What is The War After?
  2. In what episode did appa have a mohawk?
  3. Who is the current firelady?
  4. Who is Wan Shi Tong?
  5. Who is the guy that killed The Air Nomads?
  6. What nation has no one in it?
  7. Who is Korra?
  8. Who is the main Villan in The War After?
  9. What are the 4 things the lion turtle taught aang in the fanon?
  10. When was Zuko's first Sky Bison ride and where was it?


  • Moph93 0/10 S
  • AvatarRokusGhost 0/10 S
  • LegoLord 3/10 S
  • Avatar Kuruk 1 7/10 S
  • PSUAvatar14 8/10 F
  • Metalarmor 9/10 F
  • Lady Lostris 8/10 F
  • Skybender101 10/10 F
  • Monster Rancher the Great 10/10 F
  • MoonBeam 10/10 F

Contest Part 2

In this part you do a writing promt.

You are an avatar from the time of energybending. You know the arts of it. You can distort things, meddle with the time space continuum, and give/take away bending along with other things. Yet you don't know the four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. You meet up with team avatar and you train. When finshed you battle a lion turtle.

Finish the story.

Give me a link to your story. Put it in a blog. I will put your score from 1 to 100. For the title put:

<insert user here>'s Story for Jennythe3's Contest Time Blog Part 2.

This will end on July 4th.

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