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    Contest Time

    June 15, 2011 by Jennythe3

    AquaHope's nomination for User of The Month!

    Alright then here are the...

    • This is going to be a mixture of canon, and fanon.
    • No rudeness, or cheating.
    • Have fun.
    • We MAY try to trick you.

    I'll ask some questions and you guys reply to them.

    F=Forward S=Stop

    1. What is The War After?
    2. In what episode did appa have a mohawk?
    3. Who is the current firelady?
    4. Who is Wan Shi Tong?
    5. Who is the guy that killed The Air Nomads?
    6. What nation has no one in it?
    7. Who is Korra?
    8. Who is the main Villan in The War After?
    9. What are the 4 things the lion turtle taught aang in the fanon?
    10. When was Zuko's first Sky Bison ride and where was it?

    • Moph93 0/10 S
    • AvatarRokusGhost 0/10 S
    • LegoLord 3/10 S
    • Avatar Kuruk 1 7/10 S
    • PSUAvatar14 8/10 F
    • Metalarmor 9/10 F
    • Lady Lostris 8/10 F
    • Skybender101 10/10 F
    • Monste…

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    The War After (Remake 2)

    February 27, 2011 by Jennythe3

    By Jennythe3 Genre Rating Reviews Updates
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    The War After
    The War After



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    [1] Your Majesty, this is nothing more than… a construction project.

    This page is under construction. Please contribute in helping this page.

    [hide]*1 Plot

    • 2 Characters
      • 2.1 Good
      • 2.2 Evil
    • 3 Chapters
      • 3.1 Book 1- Air

    After the war ended, things were never the same. It seemed like a brighter future, but it was horrible. An ancient nation wanted revenge on team avatar; the Energy nation. Will team avatar be able to defeat these energy benders? You will find out in The War After!

    These are the main characters in The War Af…

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    The War after

    February 1, 2011 by Jennythe3

    Hello Avatar fans. My fanon The War After might start again. Please tell me any mistakes in this so I might be able to re-make it up to fanon standerds.


    This is my first offical fanon so I appoligize if it is amateur in choice of words or other things like titles. The War after talks about after the war. I will make a boyfriend for Toph, have Zuko find Ursa and find out what happened to her. I will try to make The War after as long as possible.

    These will be set AFTER the war so I will exclude Water, Earth, and Fire.

    Book 1: Air will be about the rising of the Airbenders how about five boys and girl Airbenders escaped along with two bison Gotso one of Appa's brothers and Yen one of Appa's cousins. It s…

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    A few things

    November 28, 2010 by Jennythe3
    1. Well, a few people been asking/saying that I am badge editing. The thing is that I go a little quick when I'm on the wiki to catch up on stuff I have missed.
    2. Some of you may be wondering why my fanon isn't up. It was improved several times, but it wasn't good enough for some of the admins.
    3. I have been getting kind of lazy on the wiki too. I am usually on the chatroom now. I actually am as I am typing this.

    Those are some things.

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    Ursa in Taku (Fanon)

    October 30, 2010 by Jennythe3

    Alright if you read my fanon you shold know that it mentions Ursa is in taku. I will try to put her in at the 5th chapter. She is supposed to be kidnapped by firebenders. She will escape later on.

    • If you have any concerns about my fanon or what I will do to Ursa in it please notify me in comments
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