Welcome, all you readers! It's JFJ, AKA Avatar_Bman on the IRC, here with a new contest!

I will be hosting a Toph Beifong joke contest here on this page! Just comment below to enter your joke! Whoever submits the best joke will be added to my NEW Wall of Awesome! This will be a great achievement for anyone who enters! I will tell you, on a weekly message on the Wall, when the next contest is. Here are some jokes I know about Toph! Just remember, your jokes HAVE to be related to Toph, Avatar: The Kast Airbender, and/or Legend of Korra.

  1. The badgermoles didn't teach Toph to Earthbend, she tought the Badgermoles how to Earthbend.
  2. If Toph DID have a husband, he would be dead because of pure awesomeness.
  3. If you tick Korra off, fight; if you tick Toph off, run.
  4. Aang didn't die because of old age, he died because of too much pure awesomeness of Toph Beifong.

Hope you liked it!

Jesus Saves. JFJ 17:16, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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