Welcome to FNRP (Fire Nation Role Play). If you are interested, please tell me. It will be set in the times after the Hundred Year War. If the Admins permit, I do not want this to replace AvataRPG. Again, please comment if you are interested.

How FNRP (Fire Nation Role Play) Will Work

This is how the FNRP game will work: 1. There will be a Fire Lord (me). Your character can be signed up here.

2. Each chapter will be held at my message wall. I will inform you when each chapter is being held.

3. When each chapter is done, it will be posted as a Fanon chapter.

4. There will be a council so that the rule won’t… go to my head.

5. We will have three books (or how many you want); Book 1: Earth (within the Earth Kingdom); Book 2: Water (within the Water Nations); and Book 3: Fire (within the Fir Nation).

6. Each book will have representatives, military forces, and any other characters you want.


Again, if you like this idea, please comment. I want your feedback! If you have any objections or want something to be different, then just tell me! Don’t feel shy; speak out!

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