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FNRP (Fire Nation Role Play) Idea

Welcome to FNRP (Fire Nation Role Play). If you are interested, please tell me. It will be set in the times after the Hundred Year War. If the Admins permit, I do not want this to replace AvataRPG. Again, please comment if you are interested.

How FNRP (Fire Nation Role Play) Will Work

This is how the FNRP game will work: 1. There will be a Fire Lord (me). Your character can be signed up here.

2. Each chapter will be held at my message wall. I will inform you when each chapter is being held.

3. When each chapter is done, it will be posted as a Fanon chapter.

4. There will be a council so that the rule won’t… go to my head.

5. We will have three books (or how many you want); Book 1: Earth (within the Earth Kingdom); Book 2: Water (within the Water Nations); and Book 3: Fire (within the Fir Nation).

6. Each book will have representatives, military forces, and any other characters you want.


Again, if you like this idea, please comment. I want your feedback! If you have any objections or want something to be different, then just tell me! Don’t feel shy; speak out!

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