Hey, I just wanted to point out that just becuase Yakone (if that is the guy in Korra's vision) is seen in the vison as everyone appears to be under the mercy of bloodbending, doesn't mean that he is the one bloodbending. Maybe a young Tarrlok in the crowd doing the bending for Yakone, who Tarrlok maybe some how related to. A father, an uncle, or maybe someone who took Tarrlok in while he was little. But unless Yakone is like King Bumi and can bend with his mind, I don't see how he would of been able to use bloodbending on everyone while his hands are tied up.

But maybe he can. Maybe he is just that powerful and taught Tarrlok how to harness that kind of power. Because I still think Tarrlok is some how connected to Yakone.

Avatar Jay 17:06, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

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