Okay, first of all, I want to say that I am now a fan of Amon. The way he was just standing there as Tarrlok reached the top of the stairs, epic! I mean, really, who expected that? When I first saw the shock in Tarrloks eyes I thought "Tenzin, Lin Beifong, an army of metelbending cops? But no, it was Amon! The bad guy took out the bad guy. I guess he didn't like Tarrlok spreading lies about his equalists. I never did like Tarrlok. But anyways, back to the point of me writing this blog. A lot of unanswered questions were answered in this last episode "Out of the Past". From what happen in Korra's flashbacks, to how Korra escaped, to Tarrlok's relation to Yakone. But when Tarrlok was using bloodbending and all the equalists fell to the ground, it had little to no effect on Amon. At first, I had no idea how he was resisting the bloodbending, but after the episode went off and I saw the trailer of the season finale, it hit me. Amon is also a bloodbender! There are a couple of reasons why I believe this to be true. (1) In the trailer during the fight between Korra and Amon, when Amon was about to remove Korra's bending, you see Mako on the ground and Korra on her knees. It appeared that neither of them were able to move and they were twitching hard, as if bloodbending was being used on them. (2) How else would Amon have resisted the bloodbending of Tarrlok? Only by unbending the blood in himself that Tarrlok was bending. The same thing happened with Katara in ATLA when she faced Hama in Book 3: (Fire) episode 8 "The Puppetmaster". Katara was a stonger waterbender then Hama, therefore, was able to prevent Hama from using bloodbending on her. Now, of course if Amon is a bloodbender, then yes, that makes him a waterbender, which would make him a liar about his past. However, that still doesn't explain how he is able to energybend. He said that the spirits gave him that abillity, but if my theory is correct he could be lying about that as well. The only way I see that being true is if a spirit that didn't like the Avatar gave him the abillity, a spirit that would be old enough to remember the art of bloodbending. the only spirit that I can think of that fits that description is Koh, the face stealer. Who knows, maybe Amon traded his face (with the exception of his eyes) for the abillity to energybend.

Also, I think I already know how that season final is gonna end. The way Korra closed her eyes right as Amon is about to take her bending away is what sparked my thought. She will remember her vision about how Avatar Aang escaped the bond of bloodbending by entering the Avatar State, and then sometime after that, when she opens her eyes she is gonna be in the Avatar State, escape the bond of bloodbending and take out Amon. That would also Introduce, what I believe will be season two, "The Avatar State" .

Of course this is just a guess on what's gonna happen based on the episode and the trailer. If that did happen, it would be epic to the fullest, not only because how cool it would be, but because I would have been right. Hahaha! If I'm wrong that is cool, because I would rather have the ending be a surprise. Besides, LOk is to unpredictable to make an assumtion like that,. But whatever does happen, I know it's gonna be epic! To the fullest!

Avatar Jay 01:20, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

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