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    Okay, first of all, I want to say that I am now a fan of Amon. The way he was just standing there as Tarrlok reached the top of the stairs, epic! I mean, really, who expected that? When I first saw the shock in Tarrloks eyes I thought "Tenzin, Lin Beifong, an army of metelbending cops? But no, it was Amon! The bad guy took out the bad guy. I guess he didn't like Tarrlok spreading lies about his equalists. I never did like Tarrlok. But anyways, back to the point of me writing this blog. A lot of unanswered questions were answered in this last episode "Out of the Past". From what happen in Korra's flashbacks, to how Korra escaped, to Tarrlok's relation to Yakone. But when Tarrlok was using bloodbending and all the equalists fell to the groun…

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    Yakone & Tarrlok

    June 3, 2012 by Jc Avatar

    Hey, I just wanted to point out that just becuase Yakone (if that is the guy in Korra's vision) is seen in the vison as everyone appears to be under the mercy of bloodbending, doesn't mean that he is the one bloodbending. Maybe a young Tarrlok in the crowd doing the bending for Yakone, who Tarrlok maybe some how related to. A father, an uncle, or maybe someone who took Tarrlok in while he was little. But unless Yakone is like King Bumi and can bend with his mind, I don't see how he would of been able to use bloodbending on everyone while his hands are tied up.

    But maybe he can. Maybe he is just that powerful and taught Tarrlok how to harness that kind of power. Because I still think Tarrlok is some how connected to Yakone.

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    May 21, 2012 by Jc Avatar

    Okay, so I know there was a lot of talk about Amon being able to energybend, and there were a bunch of theories about how he was able to gain this abillity. Some people said that maybe someone used energybending on Amon, and that's how he learned it. That wouldn't make sense at all, the giant lion turtle said, "In order to bend anothers energy, your spirit must be unbendable, otherwise you will be courupted and destroyed". So that says that no one used enerybending on Amon, and it also says that his spirit is unbendable (that is, if he is actually energybending. I have my suspicions). But if that is the case, then it should also be true that one can prevent an energybender from taking one's bending. Think about it. When Aang used energyben…

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