Avatar Time Period Accomplished Known For The Defeat Of Age Currently Or At The Time Of Death Problems Caused/Wars Started Nation Gender
Avatar Wan Around 9851BG - 9921BG Became The First Avatar Vaatu Possibly Late 70's To Early 80's War Between Humans And Spirits Fire Lion Turtle Male
Unknown Fire Avatar Unknown Lava Bending Unknown Unknown Unknown Fire Nation Male
Avatar Yangchen Around 200BG - 345BG No War While Alive None Possibly 60 No threats of war occurred for an entire generation after her death Eastern Air Temple Female
Avatar Kuruk 345BG - 312BG None Due To His Predecessor For Keeping The World At Peace None Possibly 35 Koh Took His Fiancee Northern Water Tribe Male
Avatar Kyoshi 312BG - 82BG Oldest Avatar Chin The Conqueror 230 None Earth Kingdom Female
Avatar Roku 82BG - 12BG Unwilling To Kill Best Friend None 70 Initially Started The Hundred Year War Because He Did Not Kill Fire Lord Sozin Fire Nation Male
Avatar Aang 12BG - 153AG Ending Hundred Year War, Establishing Republic City, Creating A New Line Of Airbenders Fire Lord Sozin 166 (actually)

66 (biologically)

None Southern Air Temple Male
Avatar Korra 153BG - Present Ending The Anti-Bending Revolution, Ending The Water Tribe Civil War, Bringing Balance To The World With Allowing The Spiritual Portals To Be Opened. Techniquily Is "The First Avatar" Due To The Avatar Cycle Being Restarted. Amon, Vaatu, Unalaq 17 (currently)

almost 18

Water Tribe Civil War Southern Water Tribe Female




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