Really?... The series had to end with a shot of Korra and Asami holding hands? God damnit your gonna bring those freaks of nature to the comment section... It's made even worse by the fact that when you are reminded that Aang and Katara kissed at the very end of TLA and that was the pivotal romantic scene in the series. So is it the same case here with Korra and Asami? I wonder...

Anyways, I really liked the series finale! I'm not gonna lie, when I first went into season 4 I didn't expect it to build up to much. I mean, the main villain only had like 3 seconds of screentime in the previous season and we were never really open to the idea that she would be a baddie. So they just kinda sneezed this villain at us. And her turn was so quick that she could win the indie five hundreds. And it doesn't help that 2 seasons ago we had practically a battle of gods between the dark avatar and the original avatar. I mean, how are you gonna top that? But much to my surprise, I was actually on the edge of my seat for most of the final battle. It was fast, epic and it had a ton of suspense too. And there was even a bit of romance too <3 And it showcased some of the most impressive animation I've seen on this show too! One thing I really liked about this series is that there was no real villain in it. I mean, Amon just wanted equality. Unalaq just wanted spirits and humans to co-exist aside each other. Well, at least untill he transformed into a crazy asshole. Zaheer just wanted freedom and independance. And Kuvira just wanted peace and order. And they never claimed that what these people are doing is wrong. They all just did what they believed was right. I mean, just look at how Kuvira turned herself in at the end. She felt genuinely sympathetic and was ready to atone for her crimes. It's not like in TLA where there was an obvious villain from the start who wanted to burn the whole world down. That's just fucking evil! no way around it xD but like I said, one of this shows greatest weaknesses was that it threw one of the most epic battles in avatar history at us way to soon. I mean, a dark avatar... Wow. That had such great potential to be thrown away like that. I was hoping that they might of revisited that later on in the series but unfortunately they never did :/ but with that said, let us be reminded that TLA made the exact same mistake. I mean, killing the moon and sending the entire world into eternal darkness all in the first season? My guess is these guys probably didn't plan ahead at the time and they most likely didn't know that they would renew the show for another season. And to their credit, what they delivered afterwards is FAR more than what I expected. So I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on this new series. But anyways, as a series finale and as a series in total. I thought it was epic! Probably not as good as TLA but it definitely goes beyond anything that's presented on Nickelodeon nowdays. It's so rare nowadays to find a Nickelodeon show that get's me this invested in it from beginning to end. Avatar has proved that to me twice in a row now. It's so sad to see this series end but I'm glad I got to experience it ;D What about you guys? What did you think of LoK series finale and as a series in total?

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