• So recently a new avatar has come out, it is called The Legend of Korra.
  • CONS;
  • I personally do not like it for the most part.think about it, it has taken all of the special bending moves and made them common (metal bending, lightning bending,chi blocking).I feel as if only a select few should have these powers (Team Avatars' children) or it should have died with (Team Avatar). How is Amon against benders, but he is one? He is an energybender.My question is, how did he learn to energybend, if the last lion turtle is currently deceased? There are only two ways that he could know how to energybend. Also the White Lotuses have people in them that dont look special at all and also there are too many of them, why is aangs son not one? why are zuko and katara not affiliated with them?
  • PROS;
  • But i do like some parts about it, i love how they changed the way they use bending (the style). The Avatar still uses the traditional fighting/bending style. The original team also consists of 3 humans and 2 animals that resemble Team Avatar (2 boys, 1 girl, huge animal, small animal).
  • I also love how it looks modern with still a classic look.
  • I believe that in the future, a non-bender will join the group
  • I think that Amon is closely related to Osai now i am thinking that it is Osai because he was the last person that this technique was done to all i know, is that it is someone from the last season, AS A MATTER OF FACT, I THINK I KNOW WHO HE IS, DO YOU REMEMBER THAT FARM THAT ZUKO VISITED, YEAH PROBABLY AFTER ZUKO LEFT, HIS FATHER CONFRONTED HIM AND HE WAS KILLED AND IN AN ATTEMPT TO STOP THE FIRE-BENDER, HE WAS STRUCK IN THE FACE. WHOEVER IT IS, THEY TAKE AWAY A PERSONS BENDING A DIFFERENT WAY THAN AANG DID

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