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    The legend of Korra

    April 23, 2012 by Jaseblader
    • So recently a new avatar has come out, it is called The Legend of Korra.
    • CONS;
    • I personally do not like it for the most part.think about it, it has taken all of the special bending moves and made them common (metal bending, lightning bending,chi blocking).I feel as if only a select few should have these powers (Team Avatars' children) or it should have died with (Team Avatar). How is Amon against benders, but he is one? He is an energybender.My question is, how did he learn to energybend, if the last lion turtle is currently deceased? There are only two ways that he could know how to energybend. Also the White Lotuses have people in them that dont look special at all and also there are too many of them, why is aangs son not one? why are zuko‚Ķ
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