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Jane75 June 19, 2012 User blog:Jane75

Hi y'all! I'm gonna call my stories Avatar: Jinora's Travels . Thanks for the one who came up with the name!

You know, I've been wondering what will happen in Legend of Korra . It kinda seems like Korra will lose her bending after all, but Iroh can put up a good fight against Amon , I think. So, maybe Korra loses her bending, but Amon is defeated anyways. I just hope Asami won't turn against her team!

My fave characters are Korra and Toph , and (for some bizarre reason) Jinora . By the way, am I the only one who's noticed that Korra and Toph are very much alike? Both have been overprotected before running away, both are aggressive and rebellious and headstrong, and both are skilled benders. Maybe creators of Legend of Korra wanted the next Avatar to be opposite to Aang, as Roku and Kyoshi were not much like him.

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