Well, this is my first blog post. I only hope I'm doing it right. This post is about my opinions on the two avatar shows. Without further ado, this is what I think.

Avatar: the last airbender is nothing short of a masterpeice of animation. In this age of toilet humour and CGI, it's very nice to find something well drawn, and with... well... a plot. The characters were very engaging, and it's the one fandom (besides the hunger games) which has ever inspired me to write a fanfic. Most of all I loved the fact hatrather than being forgotten, minor characters often had a role to play laer in the series. When I watched it with my friends, I was always saying, "I know that guy! And him! oh, and... etc."

In a way, it's still too early to cat judgement on the legend of Korra, but I must say, it doesn't seem to quite match up to the standards of its predecessor to me. I was very exited to find out what happened to the gaang after the events of the previous show, and I did find out a little here. What irked me most about the series was how the style was completely different. More technology driven, and less mystical. I liked mystical! I also feel the characters weren't as good. In short, Mako was a jerk, Korra was a hypocrite, Bolin was a great character, (yes, a positive) and Asami was just annoying. Don't get me wrong, I liked the show. It just had me a little regretful that the old series is truly gone.

I think the best part of Korra was the Amon/Tarlok storyline. It was deep and interesting, and made for the only time the deaths of characters in a tv series made me cry. Yes, Amon was a bad guy. Yes, he was creepy (understatement of century). But that only goes to show that despite his flaws he was still human, which made it even more poignant.

So there goes my reviews of the series(es?). I won't completely pass judgement on legend of Korra yet, as I have high hopes for book 2, which I believe takes place at one of the poles. (I'm expecially looking forward to the characters of the twins, who seem absolutely delightful!) One thing I'm cetain of is, even if they made a million sequel serieses, no matter what they're like, I will watch them all.

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