My attempt to re-do my former account's blog.

Currently I am coming up with a new fanon I want to involve Korra dealing with Real Life Urban Legends that are vengeful spirits the story will include......

Split-Mouth Woman:


Kishima Reiko:

Aka Manto:

A Kappa:

Tiny Mouth:

And more to come

Right now I have a summary for Split-Mouth Woman and he rfirst victim. An currently working on the others

While walking around Republic City ay night Bolin bumps into a odd woman wearing a surgical mask she stops him and asks Bolin is she pretty? Will Bolin say Yes or No?

I'm also taking a poll for whick LOK characters you choose.





Tenzin and Family:


Secret Character(Leave a message on my wall for this vote):

Just to make this clear Other means like other characters like Tarrlok, Amon or Shiro Shinobi. Secret characters if you vote for that leave a message on my wall

PS: I recommend looking up the Legend before voting but I recommend not looking up photos of said legends unless you want nighmares.

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