Hi everyone. I'd like to bring to your attention a fantastic program called WhatPulse. Now please don't dismiss this at first sight, just hear me out.

What is this mysterious 'WhatPulse' of which you speak?

WhatPulse is a program that is simply a key, click and mouse usage counter. What this means is that it counts your keys, clicks and mouse movement while running quietly in the background of your computer. If you're worried about computer speed, don't worry, it doesn't take up much RAM at all. Trust me, you won't even notice it.

"omigod its a keylogger im never gonna use this :("

No. This is definitely not a keylogger. I have a countless number of friends on (which I have no doubt you've heard of) who use this and approve of it as a virus free program. Vulmen for one was once a Kongregate account holder so I'm sure he may (possibly) back up the validity of Kongregate. What's more, I have many school friends who use this too. And you have my word. Which hopefully you respect. :) You can also see WhatPulse's privacy policy.

Hm, okay. So what's the point of WhatPulse then?

WhatPulse is merely a way to compete with the many thousands of users across the globe that use this amazing piece of software. It is not compulsory to join a team but it makes your journey a whole lot funner. I have made an Avatar Wiki team which if you decide to join, you can. Not only is there a leaderboard for individual users, there is a leaderboard for teams. You can compete against other users in your team as well as help your team move up ranks. To summarise, you get to have your keys counted and get to compete with other people without really doing anything extra. I'm sure you would normally type and click away on your computer every day? Well, for something you do anyway, it's suprisingly addictive.

Okay, you've got me. What do I do now?

Awesome. Just follow the below step-by-step guide on how to use WhatPulse and you'll be ready to go.

  1. Register a free WhatPulse account here.
  1. Download a WhatPulse client for your current OS from here.
  1. After installing the program, you will be asked to login. Login using the account name and password you created previously.
  1. You're nearly there! Now you just need to join the Avatar Wiki team. After logging in on the WhatPulse website, there should be a little section for your settings. In that little box there should be a link called teams. Click it and then follow the link that says Join Team. Type in 'Avatar Wiki' and click okay. Alternatively and more easily, you can follow this link (although I'm not sure whether it will work). :)
  1. You are now part of the team. What now? Now you need to get some keys. To see your amount of key/clicks/mouse distance, scroll over the little W symbol that SHOULD appear in the taskbar tray. You'll see everything you need to know.
  1. Now the last step. To actually send your keys etc. to the server, you need to 'pulse'. This can be done by either double clicking the taskbar icon or right clicking it and clicking 'Pulse Now!'.

Congrats! You have now made a WhatPulse account!

Congratulations. You have now made an account and are on your way to fame and fortune.... maybe. Anyway, and questions can be directed to my talk page or can be commented on below. Thanks for your time and happy pulsing!

P.S. You have to 'pulse' at least once for your name to show up on the Avatar Wiki team page. So don't freak out and go suicidal if you're not there yet. :)

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