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January 6, 2011
  • JaidynM


    April 26, 2011 by JaidynM

    Uh, hey guys... As you may or may not have realised, I've gone inactive for some time. This was due to going on holiday as well as a friend coming over for a week. Anyway, I'd just like to say that I'll be inactive for some time more as not only am I unable to use the computer on weekdays, my weekends will be quite busy with sport and homework. And in between sport and homework I'll be watching some new TV shows I recently discovered (namely Chuck [Sorry Avatards, but this show has overtook A:TLA as my favourite TV Show], Hawaii Five-0, Merlin and Glee). So, cya later and I'll be back. :)

    JaidynM (Talk) - (Blog)

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  • JaidynM

    Hi everyone. I'd like to bring to your attention a fantastic program called WhatPulse. Now please don't dismiss this at first sight, just hear me out.

    What is this mysterious 'WhatPulse' of which you speak?

    WhatPulse is a program that is simply a key, click and mouse usage counter. What this means is that it counts your keys, clicks and mouse movement while running quietly in the background of your computer. If you're worried about computer speed, don't worry, it doesn't take up much RAM at all. Trust me, you won't even notice it.

    "omigod its a keylogger im never gonna use this :("

    No. This is definitely not a keylogger. I have a countless number of friends on (which I have no doubt you've heard of) who use this and approve of …

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  • JaidynM

    I personally think it was Sokka when he was high on cactus juice. Though you might think it's Guru Pathik. Anyway, you decide below.... I honestly want to see how this turns out. There are actually more humourous characters in the series then you might think. :)

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  • JaidynM

    The Credits Project

    February 12, 2011 by JaidynM

    Hi everyone, :)

    As of this month, I have joined what I like to call The Credits Project. DesertDog has taken the initiative of putting all of the credited staffand voice actors in the A:TLA series into a spreadsheet. He is now making them into pages and as an example, I have chosen the page of Adam Wylie. A lot of the pages look like that and what we would like the community to do is maybe add a bit of information to these pages such as things about their personal life, credits, etc.

    But other users have helped a lot too. 888 has made an infobox template for actors, voice actors, and film staff and crew. It can be found here. It would be very helpful if you could put that on some of the current real people pages where it is has not yet been …

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  • JaidynM

    There's the link. Now read it. It's epic. That is all.

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