What up, it's Jaek Loen here. I'm new to the site, but I have been writing for a while now and wish to share some of my work with you. I want as much feedback as I can get about my story, so I'm trying to make it known. It's called Fanon:The Fourth Tantra: Air. This will probably sound like I'm just trying to hype up my own work, but I really think you will enjoy what I've done with the Avatar universe. I feel that I have captured the characters well and stay true to the original while bringing something fresh to the table. There's also a great mix of plot and action which I feel is quite good. All I want is for you to check it out. If you think I have lied to you after reading my pages, tell me and I will try to improve it. Personally though, I am confident you will be impressed. See ya...

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