Hello to everyone reading this, I am Jay( or J_Shepard if you prefer) and I am writing this to inform everyone that I have finally begun writing for the fanon I mentioned a few weeks ago.  With my school semester wrapping up I now have less on my plate and can start doing work I can fully enjoy!  As you can see from the title that I have come to a name for the fanon series which will be titled, "Legend of Korra: Memories" and will tell the story of Korra and Team Avatar meeting the deuteragonist(with the protagonist still being Korra), Alak.  The big threat being that the embodiment of Chaos, calling himself Kyus, and his ruthless endeavor to kill Alak and spread Chaos throughout the world.  While this is (hopefully) avoiding as many spoilers as possible, I will tell you that I am writing this in a screenplay format since I am envisioning this to follow the flow and format the t.v. series has.  There will be all the same elements of struggle, friendship, forming bonds with people, Alak finding family among the Team, a touch of romance, and last but not least detailed scenes depicting the epic battles that will ensue. There is also a bit of a surprise, one that I will tell you shows a few old faces, to the series and I am really eager for you guys to read it, but that's all I'm saying :} I am hoping to have it finish within the next week (possibly two depending on what happens) and to keep it going from there.  I may run back into a snag when the next semester starts but I will try my best to find a balance for both.  Thanks again you guys, let me know what you think and I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am :) !  --J Shepard (wallcontribs) 00:00, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

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