Hello everyone, it's great to finally talk to the people that manage one of my favorite wiki's on the net.  As you can see from the title I have a question more geared toward the Fanon side of this wiki, though I am still trying to learn the technological ropes of setting up pages.  I have done fanfiction on other sites, but I have been writing since I have been able.  I even did my High School senior project on the history & evolution of Batman and as part of the assignment wrote the first episode of a series i envisioned and it was well recieved, but that's a story for another time X).  I am also an aspiring actor and am currently signed with two agencies but I am still waiting for my first project, and I hope to one day dedicate most of my acting to voice over.  I feel that growing up wanting to be an actor has helped me be able to examine the written aspect very well and I hope to maybe also be a part of the writing aspect as well.

Now, moving on to the main reason I am writing!  I have been turning the gears in my head on a series based in the Avatar universe for a while and I think I have something that could have potential now.  The setting is within the L.o.K timeframe, sometime after the second season, with all the same characters and new characters as well.  The start of the series starts with Korra in Republic City where after running into Mako and Bolin they overhear the story of a strange boy up near a village in the mountains near the city.  After hearing of how the boy used a strange form of bending, Korra decides to investigate and ends up talking Bolin and Mako to join her.  After reaching the village they learn from the frightened villagers that the boy somehow was able to kill a group of bandits simply by touching them and then ran to the top of the mountain.  The group head to the top and find the youn man(around 19) is huddled in a corner alone and afraid.  After speaking to him they learn that the boy has no idea who or what he is, but that he has memories in his head he doesn't understand.  What really stumps the group is when the young man tells Korra he "sees her soul." Korra brings the boy with her to Tenzen and learn that he is an entitiy known as "The Alpha" and that his arrival can only mean trouble for everyone.  As of now I haven't been able to start writing because I'm in my Finals right now in school, but when christms break starts I plan to begin.  I only wanted to bring this to the Avatar fanon branch of this wiki so that I could possibly hear your opinions and/or comments on what I have planned so far.  I don't know really how to contact the necassary people, so I hope that by labelling this blog in the fanon and related categories that you may find this.  Thanks for reading this far and I hope to hear from you all soon :) !  --J Shepard (wallcontribs) 21:35, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

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