Toph angry
Lets see, my first blog post. My most recent accomploshment would be to edit my main page description and figuring out new ways to put photos and to contribute to the Wiki. Not much happened, only the inspiring idea to write a fanon. Though I have tried once I am willing to try again. Enjoying my time on here I am meeting new people and seeing old I am getting up the courage to be more open, out there and ect. So to sum up this small post, I came back, and I am trying to decide what to write and how to contribute my services here. I am setting my time schedule now. Normally during week days I am busy and I am sure most other people are but I will still try and be active as I can. So I am a bit overwhelmed at all the stuff that has changed and a bit crazed to get back and keep up with the newest 'trend' on here. I could have been wrong on putting a blogg up feel free to correct any mistakes I did.

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