aka robin

  • I live in mount isa
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is mowing lawns
  • I am male
  • Irontron

    Chapter 1: the mysterious contact Master Chief was trying to sit still but he couldn’t. The captain called him in “Master Chief good to see you” announced Captain Thomas. Master Chief was anxious to get it over and done with. Then his mind started to drift to the first time he meet Cortana and the time she died. “Master Chief! Are you listening? I thought so, your mission is to rescue agent moon at the research centre. Do you understand?” ordered Captain Thomas, as master Chief was about half way out the door captain Thomas indicated “Spartan Missenden will be joining you master chief is that alright with you Master Chief?”. Master Chief nodded, Spartan Missenden was waiting outside like she knew when to turn up. “Well Missenden what is yo…

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  • Irontron

    my story blurb

    August 8, 2016 by Irontron

    Master Chief has been trying to cope with the loss of his AI, Cortana, the captain has just sent him to rescue professor Moon from the Promethean Sinister king of all Prometheans, but as they were fighting, master chief was sent back in time to the day of his grandfather, IRONTRON. With the help of his friends Dead Shot, Shadow, and his grandmother Go-go Tomago, he will find that not ever thing has a happy ending. As master chief and IronTron battle the world most deadly monsters, the Kaiju, but as master chief and his grandfather were hanging out by the shores of Tokyo there came a portal but this was no teleporting portal, then coming out of it was a category 5 knife head. As IronTron and Master Chief were heading back, Master Chief fell…

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