• Iron Man 217

    The Last Aibender review

    December 29, 2010 by Iron Man 217

    Seeing the movie the first time, I enjoyed it. Seeing it the second time, however, I did not like it at all. After seeing the movie once, I started watching the series, and Enjoyed it. The second time I saw it made me realize how much better the series is. I appreciate the fact that the film follows the basic plot of season 1, but I still feel that this M. Night Shyamalan's worst film. Effects were decent, Music Score was good, Art direction was okay, actors sounded and behaved wooden, Script sucks, Names were changed around, Firebenders were wusses, Saw a few scenes where Iroh was enjoying some tea, Sokka still gets soaked by Katara at the beginning, I cracked up when Aang was hiding from Zuko by standing right behind him, Appa an Momo we…

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  • Iron Man 217

    1. Zuko reunited with his mother

    2. aang as Korra's spirit world guide

    3. Korra meeting Koh

    4. Tenzin's physical appearance

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