• Iroh 98

    I've been wondering if it was possible to benders to change their own face by bloodbending their muscles?

    Yes, I know that when Yakone made the plastic surgery he already had no powers, but I was thinking if it was possible? And if that was possible, would they be able to bloodbend other people's face?

    Assuming it's possible, under what conditions (full moon?) ?

    To end this, I wanna thank you for the answers in my last blogpost, I really did'nt remember about some details!

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  • Iroh 98

    Glassbending ???

    July 9, 2012 by Iroh 98

    Hello! This is my first blogpost and I truly hope everything goes well.

    Another day I was wondering: if glass is made of sand, then most earthbenders could bend glass... Right?

    This made me think in another concept:

    I have never seen glass in the Avatar Universe, so wouldn't be easy for a earthbender and a firebender to create glass? I mean, since Republic City has an high metal production, why not add to the City the glass production?

    Well, I leave this questions to you! Please answer!

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