Wow. It's been so long, but we're finally ready to give you the next installment of the thrilling tale of Avatar Yalun and his friends. Many thanks to the hard work of our head writer, The Air Nomad Critic, we only have a few finishing touches to make before we can publish The Wandering Warrior Part One on the fanon portal.

In our last chapter, The Village Part Two, we last saw the Yalunit captured and in chains, trapped underground in a labyrinth of tunnels after they traveled to the town of Darkhollow looking for information on the people (and creatures!) that attacked the Coastal Water Tribe. They barely escaped with their lives, and fled the Fire Nation. In our next installment, our heroes continue their search, and meet a warrior named Raiden. Catch a sneak peak below!

Yalun tried to focus on the plan ahead. For now, they had a solid goal. No more moping and doping. Or less, at the very least. He had to remain strong for his friends, for everyone...
Assam interrupted Yalun's thoughts, "I hear steel clashing against steel ahead. Sounds like battle!"
"I don't hear a thing" replied Li, taking a moment, "Oh, right, soundbending."
"Sounds like there's at least two, maybe three." Assam continued, "Weapons and bendables at the ready, men." The airbender leapt over Amala, grabbed his spade-glider, and vaulted to Amala's other side.
"You think its cultists?" asked Nilak, drawing both his scimitars in a smooth, practiced motion.
"Not sure." said Yalun, drawing his own katana from its sheath. The familiar weight did much to sooth his doubts. "All things considered, I don't know of many ways one can send a message faster than a sky bison can fly. Still, keep on guard, the cultists have strange methods available to them. Assam, keep some of that soundbending handy just in case of jiang shi. Qin and Li to the flank, Nilak with me."
His friends quickly found their assigned spots. Now this thought Yalun, Feels nice and familiar. Like the old days, when I felt every bit the Avatar.
Amala, still tired and worn, elected to hunker down. "Don't worry girl!" Assam shouted, "We'll be right back." Amala responded with a low growl before laying down with an earthshaking thump.
Yalun rushed along the wooded road, his companions just behind him save for Assam who kept to the trees, if the rustling of the leaves above was anything to go by.

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