So following the apparent recent trend of advertising your own fanon, I'm going to recommend Spirits of the Shadow . This is a group fanon including myself and several other users. It's about the Avatar and his adventures as he faces the recent threat to the worlds' balance. Normally, that apostrophy would go between the 'd' and the 's' but as there is more than just one world featured,'ll have to read it to find out. I can't say too much, because we only have one released chapter so lots of info would spoil it for you, but I can say that chapter two part one is currently in production and is almost ready for release. Some unique things about our fanon include a warm weather water tribe, an abnormally colored sky bison, and the Avatar many cycles before any you have seen him/her before. In addition to that, each of our main characters is based on actual, real-world wiki users! Below is an excerpt from the first chapter. If you like it, let us know and be sure to subscribe for updates!

As the two continued to reminisce, the gondola pulled up to the market district of Lilypad Cove. Nestled between the twisted branches and roots of the mangroves on one of the few spots of dry land apart from the shore, an abundance of densely packed shops seemed to spring from the woodwork of the small island like the dens of beasts, each making use of every inch of spare room to display their best goods in the Avatar’s honor. Each crowded shop bore elaborate carvings, some to indicate the specialties of a particular stall, others to invite good fortune from the Spirit World; the boar-frog, a long-time symbol of luck for the tribe, seemed to be a fairly popular motif. This particular section of the city, famed for its smoked meat and fish, filled the air with the savory aroma of its renowned dishes. Slow roasted boar-q-pine seemed to hang in the doorway of every other window, something Nilak seemed to enjoy. “You know,” Nilak remarked, “I think I’m starting to warm up to this place”. Up and down the winding streets, the sounds of the market and the smells of smoked trout threatened to overwhelm the senses of the two benders.

However, before the two were able to help themselves to the bounty of the market, they were stopped in their tracks by a scream. A single, horrible, bloodcurdling scream. A scream that pierced and shattered the mind.

Every man, woman, and child in the market, even the Avatar, dropped to the ground in sheer agony. Pain beyond measure wracked Yalun’s very consciousness, flooding his mind with anguish imperishable. Both the Avatar and Nilak writhed on the ground, unable to use their very senses save those who were being overwhelmed by the sonic assault. Yalun tried to beat back the effects of the horrible noise; summon friendly memories, block his ears to the sound, enter the Avatar State, anything to end the torment, but the pain was unrelenting, and he could not gather enough focus and clarity to access the might of his past lives. He could barely muster enough strength and focus to set himself upright before he felt himself get lifted up by his vest with a single powerful limb, grey like a corpse and clawed like a beast’s. With effort beyond measure, using every bit of strength and good memories left within him, Yalun forced his eyes to open, and what they saw shook him to the core.

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